Three new papers from Weninger group

July saw three new papers from the Weninger Group:

Hao, P., LeBlanc, S., Case, B.C., Elston, T.C., Hingorani, M.M., Erie, D.A., Weninger, K.R., “Recurrent mismatch binding by MutS mobile clamps on DNA localizes repair complexes nearby”, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 117, 17775 (2020) link or pubmed

Bradford, K.C., Wilkins, H., Hao, P., Li, Z., Wang, B., Burke, D., Wu, D., Smith, A., Spaller, L., Du, C., Gauer, J.W., Chan, E., Hsieh, P., Weninger, K., Erie, D., “Dynamic human MutSα-MutLα complexes compact mismatched DNA”, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 117, 16302 (2020) link or pubmed

J B Larsen, K R Rosholm, C Kennard, S L Pedersen, H K Munch, V Tkach, J J Sakon, T Bjørnholm, K R Weninger, P M Bendix, K J Jensen, N S Hatzakis, M J Uline, and D. Stamou, “How membrane geometry regulates protein sorting independently of mean curvature”, ACS Cent. Sci., 6, 1159 (2020) link or pubmed