Biological Physics

Welcome to the biological physics group at NC State. We are a highly collaborative collection of research groups that is interested in the physics of biological systems. Please email if you would like more information and visit the Physics Department graduate program webpage if you would like to learn about how to join the department as a PhD student.

Member Groups

Julio Belmonte – Cell and Tissue Dynamics
Mary Elting – Cell Mechanics
Sharonda LeBlanc – Single-molecule Enzyme Biophysics
Shuang Fang Lim – Nanoprobes for Biophysics
Robert Riehn – DNA physics in nanofluidics
Christopher Roland – Computational Biophyiscs
Celeste Sagui – Computational Biophysics
Hong Wang – DNA-protein interactions
Keith Weninger – Nanoscale Conformation Dynamics using FRET

Adjunct Member Groups

Jerzy Bernholc РComputational Biophysics
Laura Clarke – Biomatrials for Tissue Scaffolding
Karen Daniels – Active Matter, Wetting Dynamics
Hans Hallen – Nanophotonic Probes