Recent Graduates

04-Nov-2019 Nanoplumbing for a Single Molecule Study of DNA. Saroj Dangi Ph.D. (Riehn) NCSU postdoc
29-May-2019 Flow-stabilized Solids: From Colloids to Bacteria Scott M. Lindauer Ph.D. (Daniels/Riehn) SAS
21-Mar-2019 Single Molecule Study of DNA Mismatch Repair Pengyu Hao Ph.D. (Weninger) XGenomes
3-Nov-2017 “Structure, Stability, and Dynamics of Select DNA and RNA Double Helices: Trinucleotide Repeats and Ion Distributions.” Pan, Feng Ph.D. (Sagui/Roland) Postdoc NCSU
28-Oct-2016 “Single Particle Investigations of the Photophysics and Applications of Upconversion Nanoparticles.” Green, Kory Kevin Ph.D. (Lim) Argonne Natl Lab
18-Oct-2016 “Structural Characterization of Various Peptides and Nucleotides Associated with Neurodegenerative Diseases.” Zhang, Yuan Ph.D. (Sagui/Roland) Postdoc NCSU
21-Jun-2016 Single-Molecule Studies of Sequence and Structure Dependent DNA Binding by SA1 and SA2. Countryman, Preston James Ph.D. (Wang) Visiting Assistant Prof., Ithaca College
21-Mar-2016 Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Nanoconfined DNA. Azad, Zubair Ph.D. (Riehn) Deloitte Consulting
10-Mar-2016 First-principles Investigations of Enzymatic Function, Molecular Sensors and Electrical Monitoring of DNA Replication Li, Yan Ph.D. (Bernholc) Wells Fargo
28-Oct-2015 Dynamics of DNA Looping in Nanochannels. Heidarpourroushan, Maedeh Ph.D. (Riehn) IsoPlexis
7-May-2015 Surfactant Dynamics: Spreading and Wave Induced Dynamics of a Monolayer. Strickland, Stephen Lee Ph.D. (Daniels) Asst. Prof., Samford University
25-Mar-2014 Free Energy and Structural Characteristics of Proline-rich Peptides with Distributed Multiple Guests. Chen, Tianchi M.Sc. (Roland/Sagui) Boston University
28 Feb 2014 First-principles Studies of Conformation and Solution Effects on DNA Transport. Tan, Bikan Ph.D. (Bernholc)
12-Mar-2013 Physics and Application of Nanofluidic Systems. Karpusenka, Alena Ph.D. (Riehn) VitalSource and William Peace Universitiy
7-Feb-2013 Spectroscopic Enhancement Utilizing Nanoscale Metallic Structures: Bow-tie Antenna and Shell Cavity. Li, Ling Ph.D. (Hallen/Riehn) tbd
16-Jul-2012 DNA Manipulation in Microfluidic Devices. Zhou, Chunda Ph.D. (Riehn) First Nabsys , now Chinese Acad Sci
17-Oct-2012 Dynamics of DNA Mismatch Repair Initiation Complexes Revealed by Single Molecule Fluorescence. Qiu, Ruoyi Ph.D. (Weninger) Postdoc, Stanford University
4-Nov-2011 Free Energy and Structure of Helix-forming Peptides: A Theoretical Investigation. Karpusenka, Vadzim Ph.D. (Sagui/Roland) First Colfax International, now Intel
15-Mar-2011 Free Energies, Transition Mechanisms, and Structural Characteristics of Proline-Rich Peptides. Moradi, Mahmoud PhD (Roland/Sagui) Asst. Prof U. Arkansas
2-Nov-2010 Detecting the Conformation of Individual Proteins in Live Cells using Single Molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer. Sakon, John Ph.D. (Weninger) Postdoc, NYU 
16-Jul-2010 Single molecule fluorescence reveals dynamic structures of SNARE protein assemblies Choi, Ucheor B. Ph.D. (Weninger) Assistant Professor, University of West Virginia
15-Apr-2009 A fluorescence microscopy study of the dynamics of low-pH triggered Membrane Fusion Wessels, Laura PhD (Weninger) Asst. Prof of Physics, Xavier University
16-Jul-2009 The Nanofluidic Analysis of Chromatin Streng, Diana Elisabeth (Riehn) Quintiles Inc
21-Jul-2008 Effects of Photobleaching on Membrane Fusion and Infectivity of Dye Labeled Sindbis Virus Thongthai, Wor (Weninger) Webassign