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New Paper by Drs. Choi and Weninger

Drs. Choi and Weninger published a paper that describes the spontaneous switching among conformational ensembles in intrinsically disordered proteins in the journal Biomolecules.

Final PhD Defense Pengyu Hao

Congratulations to Dr. Pengyu Hao who defended his dissertation “Single Molecule Study of DNA Mismatch Repair” that was prepared under the direction of Dr. Weninger.

Biophysical Society Meeting 2019

Dr. Sharonda LeBlanc presented an oral paper on the function of DNA repair proteins stemming from a collaboration with Dr. Weninger. There were 4 poster...

NC State Biophysics @ March APS

Prof Elting presented work by Mark Begley probing the mechanical organization of k-fiber microtubule bundles. Saroj Dangi (Riehn group) presented a new device that will...