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Dr. Abbas Ghaffari wins poster award

Dr. Abbas Ghaffari wins Best Poster Award at 2022 MRS fall meeting in symposium for Plasmonics, Nanophotonics, and Metamaterials. Congratulations!

Dr. Ashkan Fakharzadeh defends Ph.D. thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Ashkan Fakharzadeh for the defense of his Ph.D. thesis titled “Structure, Stability, and Dynamics of Select Nucleic Acids Associated with Neurodegenerative Diseases.” ...

Dr. Abbas Ghaffari defends Ph.D. thesis

Congratulation to Dr. Abbas Ghaffari who defended his thesis “Near-Field Interferometry based on Subwavelength Aperture and it Application in Small Particle Detection” under the direction...

Dr. Marc Begley defends PhD thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Marc Begley to the defense of his PhD thesis under the direction of Dr. Elting.

Dr. Pengning Xu defends PhD thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Penging Xu for the defense of his Ph.D. thesis “Dynamic Slippage of Mutagenic Trinucleotide Repeat DNA Revealed by Single Molecule FRET.” under...

Dr. Jiahui Zhang defends PhD thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Jiahui Zhang to the defense of his PhD thesis “Modeling and Understanding Pathogenic Trinucleotide Repeats and Related Proteins.” under the direction of...

Dr. Ming Liu defends PhD thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Ming Liu for the defense of his thesis “Protein-induced DNA Conformation Changes under Nanoconfinement.” under the direction of Drs. Riehn and Wang.
Image from Paper by Ana Sofia Uszoy

New Paper by Ana Sofia Uszoy and Dr Elting

Ana Sofía M. Uzsoy, Parsa Zareiesfandabadi, Jamie Jennings, Alexander F. Kemper, Mary Williard Elting, “Automated tracking of S. pombe spindle elongation dynamics”, Journal of Microscopy, 1-12,...
Model of early somite segregation

New Paper by Prof. Belmonte

Adhyapok, P, Piatkowska, AM, Norman, MJ, Clendenon, SG, Stern, CD, Glazier, JA, Belmonte, JM (Belmonte, Julio M., A mechanical model of early somite segmentation. iScience...
DNA Structures of DNA triplexes

New Paper by Jiahui Zhang (Sagui and Roland)

A new paper by Jiahui Zhang in the computational group of Professors Roland and Sagui explore how specific repetitive DNA sequences leads to DNA triplex...

New NIH grant to Elting group

NC State Physicist Awarded $1.8 Million for Research on Cell Division     MIRA grant (Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award) from NIH’s National Institute of General Medical...

Three new papers from Weninger group

July saw three new papers from the Weninger Group: Hao, P., LeBlanc, S., Case, B.C., Elston, T.C., Hingorani, M.M., Erie, D.A., Weninger, K.R., “Recurrent mismatch...

New paper in Nucleic Acids Research

A paper from a collaboration between the Weninger and Sagui groups has appeared in Nucleic Acids Research “Dynamics of strand slippage in DNA hairpins formed...

Final Defense Saroj Dangi

Congratulations to Dr. Saroj Dangi for defending his dissertation Nanoplumbing for a Single Molecule Study of DNA prepared under the direction of Dr. Riehn.
DMA drift in ionic strength gradient

New Paper by Drs. Movahed and Riehn

Dr. Movahed published a paper that reports the first observation of confinement-induced diffusophoresis of DNA in a new article in Nanotechnology. The work was supported...

Final Defense Scott Lindauer

Congratulations to Dr. Scott Lindauer for defending his dissertation “Flow-stabilized Solids: From Colloids to Bacteria” prepared under direction of Drs. Daniels and Riehn.