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Image from Paper by Ana Sofia Uszoy

New Paper by Ana Sofia Uszoy and Dr Elting

Ana Sofía M. Uzsoy, Parsa Zareiesfandabadi, Jamie Jennings, Alexander F. Kemper, Mary Williard Elting, “Automated tracking of S. pombe spindle elongation dynamics”, Journal of Microscopy, 1-12,...
Model of early somite segregation

New Paper by Prof. Belmonte

Adhyapok, P, Piatkowska, AM, Norman, MJ, Clendenon, SG, Stern, CD, Glazier, JA, Belmonte, JM (Belmonte, Julio M., A mechanical model of early somite segmentation. iScience...
DNA Structures of DNA triplexes

New Paper by Jiahui Zhang (Sagui and Roland)

A new paper by Jiahui Zhang in the computational group of Professors Roland and Sagui explore how specific repetitive DNA sequences leads to DNA triplex...
DNA looping by MeCP2

New Paper in Epigenetics & Chromatin

A new paper by Ming Liu, advised by Drs. Riehn and Wang, has appeared in Epigenetics and Chromatin. Titled DNA looping by two 5-methylcytosine-binding proteins...

Final Defense Saroj Dangi

Congratulations to Dr. Saroj Dangi for defending his dissertation Nanoplumbing for a Single Molecule Study of DNA prepared under the direction of Dr. Riehn.
DMA drift in ionic strength gradient

New Paper by Drs. Movahed and Riehn

Dr. Movahed published a paper that reports the first observation of confinement-induced diffusophoresis of DNA in a new article in Nanotechnology. The work was supported...

Final Defense Scott Lindauer

Congratulations to Dr. Scott Lindauer for defending his dissertation “Flow-stabilized Solids: From Colloids to Bacteria” prepared under direction of Drs. Daniels and Riehn.

Biophysical Society Meeting 2019

Dr. Sharonda LeBlanc presented an oral paper on the function of DNA repair proteins stemming from a collaboration with Dr. Weninger. There were 4 poster...

NC State Biophysics @ March APS

Prof Elting presented work by Mark Begley probing the mechanical organization of k-fiber microtubule bundles. Saroj Dangi (Riehn group) presented a new device that will...

New paper by Saroj Dangi (Riehn group)

Graduate student Saroj Dangi has published a paper that introduces a velocity-dependent nanofluidic sorting device. To describe the device, he has adapted a drift-diffusion equation...
Dr. Julio Belmonte

Dr. Julio Belmonte joins NC State

We welcome Dr. Julio Belmonte to the Physics Department at NC State.  Dr. Belmonte joins as a Assistant Professor. He will build a group using...
Kymographs of DNA in nanochannels

Paper by Drs. Riehn, Weninger, and Lim

Graduate Student Maedeh Roushan authored a publication in Scientific Reports that reports the discovery of Motor-like DNA motion due to an ATP-hydrolyzing protein under nanoconfinement
Raman spectroscopy of DNA

Paper by Drs. Lim, Hallen, Riehn

Graduate student Ling Li published a paper in Biophysical Journal that reports DNA Methylation Detection Using Resonance and Nanobowtie-Antenna-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy.

Paper by Drs. Sagui and Roland

Graduate student and postdoc Feng Pan published a paper in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B exploring the Structure and Dynamics of DNA and RNA...

Paper by Drs. Sagui and Roland

Graduate student and postdoc Feng Pan published an article in Nucleic Acids Research that reports the E-motif formed by extrahelical cytosine bases in DNA homoduplexes of...

New NIH R01 to Drs. Wang and Riehn

Drs. Wang and Riehn were awarded research support for their project SEQUENCE AND STRUCTURE SPECIFIC DNA BINDING BY COHESIN AND GENOME STABILITY. In it, they...

Paper by Drs. Sagui and Roland

Graduate student Yuan Zhang published a paper in Chemical Neuroscience that explores the Structural and Dynamical Characterization of DNA and RNA Quadruplexes Obtained from the...
SA2 binding to gapped DNA substrates

Paper by Drs. Wang and Riehn

“Graduate Student and Postdoc Preston Countryman (Wang/Riehn labs) publishes paper on “previously unknown interaction between cohesin and gapped DNA.